About Toddleten

Welcome to Toddleten!

Toddleten's founder is a Mother, Samantha, of two boys. Being a Mom of two boys, she found it very difficult to find stylish, unique, & playful clothes for her boys. With so many options for girls, Samantha decided to create a store made specifically just for boys sizes 2T-6T. 

At Toddleten, we believe clothing should represent your little one's unique and ever-changing interests. Toddleten is created to be a reflection of her boys and clothing that they would find joy in wearing. We want you to feel warm and welcomed while shopping here. We hope you can find something new, unique, and fun! Heck, they're only this age once- so enjoy the obnoxious dino, motor vehicles, and animal tee's. You know they love this stuff. :)

Her boys currently have a passion for books, all animals (land & sea), and anything with a motor! Her boys are the true definition of boys- daring, dirty, curious, loving, and adventurous. We hope you find something special for your little toddler boy(s) here at Toddleten.

The name- interesting, huh? Toddle meaning to move with short unsteady steps and ten referring to the date of birth both of Samantha's sons were born on. Hence, Toddle-ten! :)

Thank you for supporting Toddleten! We appreciate every single one of you. In appreciation of taking the time to learn more about us, please use the discount code below for an extra 10% off your order!

Use Code: AboutUs10

With love,